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Norbert Egger Bio

The musician, composer, producer, author and entrepreneur was born in 1956 in Rielasingen (Southern Germany). After early musical education in the village music of his birthplace, Norbert started to play the slide guitar when he was only aged 12.

In 1979, he founded the City Blues Connection in Hamburg and became a professional musician in 1980. His second album Bluesin’n’Boogin’, which was published the same year, received significant attention and appreciation in the German Blues scene – explicitly also due to the slide guitar of the band leader. Two years later, Norbert Egger and Blues Harp player Heiko Petcke founded Natural Blues.

In 1984 he released his third LP I Do Not Play No Rock’n’Roll which was far ahead of its time in respect of sound and arrangements in the Blues genre. Most of the titles on the album were composed and arranged by Norbert Egger and manifested the distinctive sound which he had already developed. In the following year World On Fire, the album recorded with Louisiana Red, appeared, later reissued in 2017 in a remastered version.

During the two decades around the millennium, Norbert Egger played at just a few concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and had individual recording sessions in Switzerland and Spain from which until now only a few recordings have been released on compilation BGD Rock City Vol. 1 and the City Blues Connection anniversary double album 40 Years. 1979-2019.

In 2015 Norbert began to rigorously implementing the Rhythm & Blues Big Band concept, which had been one of his artistic ideas since the 1980s. The premiere of the programme City Blues Connection – The Rhythm & Blues Big Band was finally held in October 2016.

After the death of Natural Blues founding member Heiko Petcke in 2017, the band leader began to reform Natural Blues. His Rhythm & Blues Big Band album Anna Liza was released in 2018 which received over 100 rave reviews and has todate been played several thousand times on dozens of radio stations.

In 2018, after Natural Blues had been reformed, the production of their first EP Shame On You, Mr. Trump which was released in May 2019, began. The EP was enthusiastically received from its first presentation while appearing as a support act for Jethro Tull. 

As of now, two of the Natural Blues EP’s songs have held first place in the Central European Blues charts for 13 weeks. Released the same year, the City Blues Connection double album 40 Years. 1979-2019 also achieved great chart success as well as outstanding reviews: songs from the double album reached fourth place in the Northern German pop charts, third place in the Central European Bluestime Spotify Blues Charts as of the date of this release and, as of today, have held first place in the Central European Blues Charts for a total of nine weeks. The song Mr. President from the Natural Blues Elementary Power album is up today more than seven months in top 5 of Central European Bluestime Spotify Blues Charts. Song Tough Times help position 4 in the same charts since more than eight months.

The Norbert Egger & His Natural Blues albums Elementary Power (released January 2021) and I Am Not Don Quixote (released August 2021)  received great reviews in a big number of music magazines and radio shows.

Currently with the single Trouble In Mind, Norbert started The Blues Standard Series and is working on a new album. 

May 9th, 2022, Norbert Egger celebrated his 50th stage anniversary in Rockhouse Salzburg with his bands Natural Blues and City Blues Connection as well as the special guests Anne Bischow (vocals) and the top star on the Blues harp, Steve Baker.

In May Anne Bischow and Steve Baker did also recordings with Norbert Egger for the new album with Natural Blues and City Blues Connection.



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